Carrie Hudnall

Carrie Hudnall - Widow of Fallen Officer

I am related to law enforcement as a surviving spouse. My husband William J "Joe" Hudnall, Jr. was killed in the line of duty on 11-14-06 while working as a deputy for The Kern County Sheriffs Office...I rode in the Police Unity Tour for the first time in 2016 which marked the year of my husband's 10 year EOW. It was something I never thought I could accomplish.

Carrie will add to her tattoo:

The bicycle with the heart shaped ribbon/rider colored as the thin blue line is for both my husband and for me. I also am wanting to add his writing which would be a way to keep another part of him close to me. I want it on my inner wrist so as I ride and struggle at times I can glance down to my wrist and see his words encouraging me.   Click here for more stories